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Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for Treatment of Fractures and Nonunions - Current Evidence and Insights from Basic Research and Clinical Application

Z Orthop Unfall.,
Randau TM, Kabir K, Gravius S, Wimmer MD, Friedrich MJ, Burger C, Goost H

In Germany, 800,000 fractures are treated per year, and up to 10 % of these patients may suffer subsequently from a delayed union or a nonunion at the fracture site. Surgical treatment of these complications is tedious and associated with high costs. Therefore non-operative treatment is recently receiving more scientific and clinical attention. The adjuvant treatment with ultrasound has been propagated for the past years to enhance fracture healing and bony union, and has been discussed controversially. This review article demonstrates the significance of the low intensity pulsed ultrasound application in fracture treatment, on the basis of basic science results, animal experiments and the results of clinical trials.

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Indications and results for the EXOGEN ultrasound system in the management of non-union: a 59-case pilot study.

Orthopaedics, Traumatology, Surgery & Research (OTSR),
Roussignol X, Currey C, Duparc F, Dujardin F.

This pilot series sought to assess the use of EXOGEN in the treatment of femoral or tibial non-unions. The 88% bone healing rate, which is higher than in traditional surgery and with a unit cost at least 60% lower, supports advocating first-line implementation in non-unions of less than 10mm with stable osteosynthesis.

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