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NICE Guidance MT12 – specific to EXOGEN – confirms high rates of healing and cost savings to NHS.

NICE Medical Technology Guidance MTG12 - what does it mean for you

NICE Medical Technologies Guidance MTG12, published January 2013, provides clarity and certainty on the efficacy of EXOGEN for the treatment of stable, aligned long bone fractures with non-union.

The new guidance applies only to EXOGEN due to the unique low intensity pulsed ultrasound signal that the device uses.

Key Recommendations:

“The case for adopting the EXOGEN ultrasound bone healing system to treat long bone fractures with non-union is supported by the clinical evidence which shows high rates of fracture healing."

“The EXOGEN ultrasound bone healing system to treat long bone fractures with non-union is associated with an estimated cost saving of £1164 per patient compared with current management.” Evidence Base and Conclusion:

The Committee examined 17 clinical studies involving 1710 patients with delayed and non-union long bone fractures and reached the following conclusion:

“The Committee recognised that the available clinical data on the effectiveness of EXOGEN for treating long bone fractures with non-union show high rates of fracture healing and it judged them sufficient to support the efficacy and utility of EXOGEN treatment."

The Committee examined a number of scenarios where EXOGEN could replace secondary surgery and it “considered that the assumptions in the cost model were plausible and that EXOGEN is cost saving compared with current management of non-union.”

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