EXOGEN has over double the number of
Level 1, 2 and 3 clinical studies than all
competitors combined.34

EXOGEN has the most clinical evidence for efficacy of any FDA-approved bone healing device.
With over double the number of Level 1-3 clinical studies than all competitors combined,34 

no other bone stimulator comes close.

 * These studies, which reflect the body of evidence of the bone stimulator EXOGEN, include evaluations of applications outside the approved label. Assignment of evidence levels was based on the updated level of evidence rating system in the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery. 2015;97(1):1-2.



  • accelerates healing in cortical and cancellous bone 
    • 58 days and 37 days faster, respectively2,3 
  • promotes fracture healing in patients who smoke – 41% to 51% faster12
  • ​Accelerates healing of indicated fresh tibia fractures in young and older patients
    • 42 days and 84 days faster, respectively2
  • Reduces delayed unions by 83%12
  • Is effective in deep or superficial fractures10



  • in chronic nonunion fractures that failed to heal at least one year prior to treatment – 86% heal rate32
  • in deep or superficial fractures, atrophic, hypertrophic, or infected nonunions14
  • ​With challenging, established nonunions – 86% heal rate4
  • With high-energy nonunion fractures – 89% heal rate53
  • For use on nonunions with an interfragment gap up to 10mm and stable osteosynthesis17
  • For achieving solid union
    • 34% increase in bone mineral density21
  • High treatment
  • +
  • Proven clinical
  • > >
  • Successful fracture
    healing outcomes