October 7, 2017
by lars
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A Long Wait To Heal Finally Ends With EXOGEN

The below case study is representative of an indicated use for EXOGEN outside the United States and may not be representative of a US FDA-approved indication for the use of EXOGEN.

Although she couldn’t pinpoint a specific injury as the cause, VM knew something was wrong when she experienced sudden and severe pain that significantly limited her mobility. An X-ray revealed a fractured pelvis, and VM began reaching out to orthopaedic surgeons for treatment. Her initial options did not sound promising. At one point, VM was told by a hospital physiotherapist in a fracture clinic that there was no possibility of the bone healing. She would have to simply ‘live with it,’ and the resulting pain.

“I would urge anyone with a fracture to do all they can to argue for an EXOGEN device, even if it is turned down at first.”


VM’s sister, who lives in Canada, had come across EXOGEN from research on the Internet and discovered that it was available in the UK for patients with the appropriate clinical care needs. At VM’s request, her consultant orthopaedic surgeon made the case to her local NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) that EXOGEN would speed up the healing of her fracture, avoid the significant financial cost of bone graft surgery and with it, the lifestyle costs to the patient. But after a ten-month long investigation, the PCT turned down the request. VM’s health continued to deteriorate in the meantime. Almost three years after the initial fracture, she was finally able to see a surgeon in a different PCT who immediately prescribed an EXOGEN device. This time it was approved by Trust managers.

Within just five months of using EXOGEN, X-rays showed that VM’s bone had healed, news she hardly dared hope she would ever hear. “I cannot tell you how excited I was to see that X-ray. Years of pain and my frustration at being passed from doctor to doctor were at an end. I tell everyone I know about my experience and I would urge anyone with a fracture to do all they can to argue for an EXOGEN device, even if it is turned down at first.”

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