Dave Crowther

October 7, 2017
by lars
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EXOGEN Helps A Ski Mountaineer Overcome His Biggest Challenge

The below case study is representative of an indicated use for EXOGEN outside the United States and may not be representative of a US FDA approved indication for the use of EXOGEN.

When keen sportsman Dave Crowther set off for a day of ski mountaineering, he expected to be challenged physically and mentally and took every safety precaution. But what followed was beyond expectation. While climbing on a glacier high above Zermatt in Switzerland, the ice beneath him collapsed and Dave plunged 25 m into the darkness of a crevasse, breaking the tibia and fibula in both legs, as well three ribs, shattering his left kneecap and puncturing a lung. He recalled “Where I landed, the crevasse had narrowed to just a few centimetres and my body was well and truly wedged in. I couldn’t move. I tried to move my feet but they were flapping uselessly and the pain was overwhelming. I thought I had broken my pelvis.”

“I couldn’t move. I tried to move my feet but they were flapping uselessly and the pain was overwhelming. I thought I had broken my pelvis.”

A helicopter rescue team pulled Dave out of the crevasse and he was airlifted to a hospital in the nearby town of Visp for emergency surgery to stabilise the damage to his kneecap and legs. Eight days later, an orthopaedic surgeon at his local hospital in the UK operated to repair and fix the fractured tibia and fibula in both legs, fitting him with external fixator frames that had to be adjusted daily. But eight months later, X-rays revealed that neither tibia was healing properly. 

Dave Crowther

Dave’s continued immobility and pain were impacting both his software business and his family. “My business effectively closed and I had to rely on my wife and other family members to support me physically,” recalled Dave. “It was exceptionally trying”. After performing bone graft procedures on both of Dave’s legs, the surgeon decided to use an EXOGEN device on Dave’s tibia to stimulate healing.

Dave continued to follow the programme of adjusting the frame on his leg while using EXOGEN daily. He soon noticed that the adjustments were harder to make and, for the first time, causing him pain. Unwittingly, Dave was now turning the screws against solid, fully healed bone that was resisting the force. His consultant X-rayed Dave’s leg and confirmed that the bone was completely healed. The accelerated healing allowed Dave’s external frame to be removed weeks before expected, just before the first anniversary of his fall into the crevasse. He could now return to his business and active sports lifestyle much faster than expected.

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