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October 8, 2017
by lars
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EXOGEN Helps England Rugby Star Olly Barkley's Return To The Field

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On Saturday, the 5th of March 2011, Bath and England rugby union star Olly Barkley suffered a horrific double fracture of his distal tibia and fibula during Bath’s 34-22 loss to Gloucester. It was a particularly cruel blow for Olly, who had missed much of the 2009 season with a similar fracture to the same leg. “I had to have my leg put back in place on the field because the whole lower quarter of my left leg was pointing off in a bizarre direction”, recalled Olly, who was given laughing gas while on the field to distract him from the agonizing pain.

The former Gloucester player underwent immediate surgery at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital to have a metal rod and screws inserted through his tibia. But for Olly, dealing with the physical pain wasn’t as hard as the realisation of what the fracture meant to his career. “When I broke my leg, all I could think about was nine months. All I could see was nine months of recovery in front of me.”

“It required just 20 minutes per day. You don’t really notice that you’re using it, which was part of the joy for me.”

Olly was keen to progress with his recovery as soon as possible. “I moved onto EXOGEN after two or three weeks, once the swelling had gone down and I could move around a little. I had heard good reviews about it, and I obviously wanted to do everything I could to encourage the healing process.”

Olly explained how he used EXOGEN: “It takes literally 10 seconds to set up. You put on the strap, line up the hatch with your fracture site, apply the coupling gel, then put the transducer in place and press the start button. It requires just 20 minutes per day. You don’t really notice that you’re using it, which is part of the joy for me.”

During his recovery, Olly also helped fill his time by working on his rugby academy Elektrik3, aimed at 9-16 year olds. “The handiest thing about EXOGEN for me was that it didn’t really hinder my everyday life. I could use it whilst doing work for Elektrik3 on my laptop or just if I was on the sofa watching a movie.”

By mid-July, Olly was back in the gym training hard to build up the muscle he had lost. “Using EXOGEN encouraged a massive callus to form, which was what I wanted for my bones to heal. Now that the callus is strong and the union is occurring, the next few months will be about trying to run”, said Olly. “The priority for me now is getting back to playing, then hopefully getting my jersey back in the team and kicking on from there. I still feel like I have got lots of good years left in me, so I’ve no intention of hanging up my boots just yet!”

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