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October 8, 2017
by lars
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Timing Is Everything: Major Surgery Avoided With EXOGEN

The below case study is representative of an indicated use for EXOGEN outside the United States and may not be representative of a US FDA approved indication for the use of EXOGEN.

Despite the metatarsal only being a couple of centimetres long, a Jones fracture is notoriously difficult to heal. But it was an injury that lawyer Stephen Biggam thought would be an easy fix at an accident and emergency department. He spent the next 8 weeks with a cast up to his knee as he waited for it to heal.

Unfortunately, while the cast was in place, Stephen’s fracture had widened instead of healing, and his fracture was classified as a nonunion. Stephen was referred to an orthopaedic consultant who suggested a bone graft procedure. The surgery was scheduled, but postponed due to hospital equipment issues. During this unexpected pause, Stephen’s condition was reviewed again—and the surgeon decided not to perform the operation after all. An EXOGEN ultrasound device was recommended to stimulate bone growth instead.

“I avoided what would have been a complicated operation and I'm certain that EXOGEN really helped speed up my recovery.”

The surgery postponement worked to Stephen’s benefit in another way as well: the low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) technology used by EXOGEN had just been given approval by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). This recommendation was made following an analysis of clinical data from over 1900 patients, plus specialist guidance from the British Orthopaedic Association and British Limb Reconstruction Society. 

Stephen was fitted with the EXOGEN device, which he used every day for 20 minutes at a time.

When he returned to the clinic after a few weeks, his surgeon X-rayed him again. Both were delighted to see evidence of bone growth. For Stephen, the news was more than he had hoped for. His story even attracted national media interest and was featured in the Daily Mail.

"I’m just so glad that the doctor decided not to operate. I would have been off work for weeks," said Stephen. "I avoided what would have been a complicated operation and I'm certain that the EXOGEN really helped speed up my recovery."

Disclaimer: Information presented in patient testimonials is representative of a specific patient experience only and is not medical advice.