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February 27, 2018
by lars
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Back on the Bike Thanks to EXOGEN

The below case study is representative of a US FDA approved indication for the use of EXOGEN.

Living in the Atlanta-suburbs, Bobby V. is the Director of Finance for a running specialty retailer in the area. Married with two daughters, he enjoys running and cycling in his free time. An avid runner for 45 years, he listens to his body and when he needs a break from the pounding, he gets on his bike to stay fit. In late October of 2016, he was cycling when his front wheel hit an object that wasn’t plainly visible. He hit it so hard that he flew right over the handlebars of his bike.

« I was on the ground, looking up and wondering what had just happened,” said Bobby. “Several bystanders stopped to see if I was alright and one offered to call 911. I thought I was okay and would ride home, but then realized I couldn’t squeeze the back brake handle of my bike. »

His elbow had taken the worst of it. Not wanting to risk riding home injured, he called his wife to pick him up and then decided to put ice on his elbow, thinking he’d feel better in the morning.
Feeling worse the next day, he visited an orthopaedic surgeon in his area who took an X-ray and diagnosed his right arm with a radial head fracture.

« He fitted me with a compression sleeve, sent me home and asked me to come back in four weeks for another X-ray »

« If anyone finds themselves with a fracture that won’t heal and surgery is recommended, they should consider a device like EXOGEN. It worked for me and not enough people know of this noninvasive treatment that allows you to avoid a more serious procedure! »

In the days following, the pain in his elbow was so bad, it kept him up at night. He visited his doctor a week later and was advised that this was not unusual and his injury was just going to take time to heal. After five more days of continued extreme pain, Bobby decided to get a second opinion.

The second orthopaedic surgeon advised that the diagnosis was correct, but the treatment was not going to foster healing of the fracture, and the key issue was immobilization. Bobby would not heal unless his arm was immobile so his new doctor put him in a full arm cast. He also told Bobby that because of the two week delay in immobilizing the fracture, he may be at risk of a nonunion.

Four weeks later, another X-ray showed the joint was still properly immobilized, but did not show any healing. Bobby’s doctor replaced his full arm cast with one that would stretch from his knuckles up to his right elbow so he could better rotate his wrist and not put so much pressure on his elbow joint.

After another four weeks, the X-rays still showed no healing. It was now 10 weeks since his injury and they talked about the reasons why the bone was not healing; including the immobilization delay, the trauma to the bone itself and possible natural lack of blood flow to the area of injury.

Bobby V

Reasons aside, Bobby was running out of options on how he might heal his fracture.

“There were two pieces of bone at the fracture site and neither one showed signs of healing. My doctor began to talk with me about surgery to repair my nonunion,” said Bobby. “But I wanted to avoid surgery and so I asked him what other options might be available and that’s when he asked me if I’d heard of bone stimulators.”

A short while later, Bobby heard from a Bioventus sales representative who met with him to review his X-rays and show him how to use the EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Stimulator.

“By this time, the doctor had taken me out of a cast and put me into a brace so I would not risk losing full range of motion and I began to use EXOGEN,” said Bobby. “I took this very seriously and had a set time each night for my treatments.”

Six weeks later, he visited his doctor who took X-rays and observed healing on the larger piece of bone that was broken, but not on the smaller piece.

“EXOGEN was working for me and I was showing progress, but my doctor was concerned about this smaller piece of bone,” said Bobby. “He advised me that a CAT scan would provide more detail about this piece of bone that would inform a decision of leaving it in, having surgery to reattach it, or having surgery to remove it.”

Bobby pushed back on the CAT scan and wanted to wait and continue his EXOGEN treatments.

After another six weeks of treatment. Bobby returned to the office for X-rays.

“My doctor looked at the X-ray and said he saw something,” said Bobby. “When I asked him to be more specific, he showed me the X-rays and as we looked at it from different angles we could see the healing and his exact words to me were, ‘You sir, have dodged the surgery bullet.’”

Learning EXOGEN was working and he could avoid surgery was a great relief to Bobby. He needed this injury to heal as he’d been sidelined too long from that bike accident. By April, after roughly four months of treatment, Bobby was able to do 30 pushups and be much more active than he had been.

“I was released from physical therapy and allowed to do most anything except biking or lifting of heavy weights,” he said. “I continued my EXOGEN treatments until the end of May and learned I was fully healed.”

A key to Bobby’s recovery was his dedication and commitment to following the directions of his doctor, his physical therapist and being compliant in using EXOGEN. He was determined to follow all instructions to the letter so he would have the greatest chance at healing.

“If anyone finds themselves with a fracture that won’t heal and surgery is recommended, they should consider a device like EXOGEN. It worked for me and not enough people know of this noninvasive treatment that allows you to avoid a more serious procedure.”.

Disclaimer: Information presented in patient testimonials is representative of a specific patient experience only and is not medical advice.

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