Randy Carl Sanders

September 14, 2017
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EXOGEN Helps Heal A Broken Finger

The below case study is representative of a US FDA approved indication for the use of EXOGEN.

Randy Carl Sanders from Morrisville, North Carolina has worked for the city as a street sweeper for more than 15 years. Randy also does various odd jobs on occasion, and one day he and his coworkers were called in to retrieve something out of a storm drain for a citizen.

“We had a hook attached to the storm drain and my coworker and I picked up the grate,” remembers Randy. “He grabbed one side…and I had…the other”.

Accidents happen and in this case a miscommunication with his coworker resulted in the grate, which was six inches thick and weighed 150 pounds, coming down on his left pinky finger.

“Well, when that happened, I really didn’t pay it any attention. I waited about three hours and took my glove off and realized that my finger had turned black and I decided to go get this checked,” said Randy. “I went to urgent care and had X-rays taken”.

“I took the 20-minute treatments at the same time every day. Basically, you can do what you want - walk around, watch TV… sometimes you even forget you’re wearing it”.

The clinician on duty told Randy that his pinky was broken right at the tip of the finger. He was given a splint and advised it would heal in time. After a period of healing, Randy visited the doctor a second time, when more X-rays were taken and he was told the bone was healing fine.

Not feeling quite right and unhappy with this update from his doctor, Randy decided to get a second opinion.

“The reason I wanted a second opinion was because I noticed I was still having numbness and stiffness in my finger,” said Randy.  “I could hardly bend it and after eight months I should’ve been doing better than that.”

Randy Carl Sanders

Randy’s pursuit of the second opinion led him to a clinician who took new X-rays and compared them to the old X-rays.

“He told me that my finger was broken between the knuckles and not at the tip,” said Randy.

A fracture that fails to improve and requires additional treatment is called a nonunion and Randy’s new doctor suggested two choices for his nonunion fracture – surgery or treatment with the EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System.

“I had no idea what EXOGEN was, but was willing to try it if it would heal my finger,” said Randy.

After getting fitted for his EXOGEN unit and shown how to use it by a Bioventus sales representative, Randy began treatment. He was surprised at how easy is was to use.

“I tried to take the 20-minute treatments at the same time every day,” said Randy. “Basically, you can do what you want - walk around, watch TV. All in all, it’s not painful and sometimes you even forget you’re wearing it.”

Randy estimates his treatments with EXOGEN lasted about three months. “I went in after two months and my doctor took three more X-rays,” said Randy. “He was quite happy. The healing had progressed to 80%. He told me to continue for another month and then come back and see him.”

Randy continued compliant use of EXOGEN for 20 minutes a day for another month and on his next visit was told by his doctor that he had completely healed and could resume normal activities.

“It healed my finger and I am quite happy,” said Randy. “EXOGEN is very simple and anyone can use it. And yes, it does work. I know from experience”.

Disclaimer: Information presented in patient testimonials is representative of a specific patient experience only and is not medical advice.