Nonunion Heal Rates

Discover the noninvasive choice for resolution of nonunions. In 13 Level 1-3 clinical studies, low-intensity pulsed ultrasound waves helped reduce time to nonunion fracture repair.1

EXOGEN is effective:

  • in chronic nonunion fractures that failed to heal at least one year prior to treatment – 86% heal rate36
  • in deep or superficial fractures, atrophic, or hypertrophic nonunions24
  • ​with challenging, established nonunions – 86% heal rate4
  • with high-energy nonunion fractures – 89% heal rate31
  • for use on nonunions with an interfragment gap up to 10 mm and stable osteosynthesis37
  • for achieving solid union
    • 34% increase in bone mineral density5

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