FAQ - Patient - Distr

Whom should I contact if I have questions about EXOGEN?

Please get in touch with our local EXOGEN distributor or our Bioventus Customer Care team.

What if I miss a treatment?

Try to get back on schedule as soon as possible. To stay consistent with your treatments, check the treatment-tracking calendar on your device and identify a convenient time to use EXOGEN each day.

What if I don’t place the EXOGEN transducer in exactly the right spot?

It is important that the transducer of the EXOGEN device is placed at the right position, during you dailiy treatments, so that the ultrasound beam reaches the fracture location. Consult with your clinician if you are unsure of where to place the EXOGEN transducer.

Will EXOGEN work through clothing?

Ultrasound waves cannot travel through air or clothing. The EXOGEN transducer requires direct contact with skin and the use of a coupling gel (included with your device).

How long will I need to use EXOGEN?

Different fractures heal at different rates. Your clinician will determine the necessary length of your treatment during follow-up appointments.

What if I run out of coupling gel?

Mineral oil can be used in place of the coupling gel that comes with the EXOGEN device. Petroleum jelly, however, is not an acceptable substitute. You may also request more coupling gel by calling our local EXOGEN distributor or our Bioventus Customer Care team.

How will I know if the EXOGEN unit is working?

Your device is working properly when you see the display screen counting down from 20 minutes during each treatment. Your clinician will update you on your healing status at follow-up appointments.

Will having two or more treatments per day result in better or faster healing?

Clinical studies have evaluated the effectiveness of EXOGEN with one 20-minute treatment per day, with demonstrated healing acceleration.1-3 Multiple or longer-duration daily treatments have not been studied.

What do I do if I have a question about my bill?

If you receive a bill, contact Bioventus Customer Care for assistance.

Can I use EXOGEN if I have a pacemaker?

The operation of active, implantable devices such as cardiac pacemakers may be adversely affected by close exposure to the EXOGEN device. If you have a pacemaker, talk with your physician or cardiologist to find out if EXOGEN is right for you.

Does EXOGEN have any contraindications?

There are no known contraindications for the use of the EXOGEN device. The EXOGEN package insert includes a section on Precautions and Warnings that highlights situations in which the safety and effectiveness of EXOGEN has not been established, such as specific patient circumstances involving certain types of medication or medical problems other than fractures.

Is EXOGEN treatment painful?

Most patients don’t feel anything at the treatment site, while some patients report experiencing a tingling sensation.

Is EXOGEN safe?

EXOGEN has been shown to be safe in clinical studies that support its indicated uses.


Does insurance cover the cost of EXOGEN?

EXOGEN may be covered by the hospital where you receive treatment. Otherwise, there is the possibility for coverage by your insurance plan. It is of course also possible to pay for the device yourself, so you can ensure you can start treatment with EXOGEN. A Bioventus Customer Care representative can help you determine your individual coverage.