Fractures are often frustratingly slow to heal. Between 5-10% of fractures fail to heal on their own,15 leaving patients to choose between either continual pain and immobility or surgery and lengthy rehabilitation.4,5

The location, pattern or severity of some fractures can impede bone healing and increase your risk of healing failure. Common health and lifestyle factors such as obesity, diabetes and tobacco use may also interfere with healing.

Is EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System Right For You?

You recently broke a bone and you want it to heal as quickly as possible.

EXOGEN has been clinically proven to accelerate fracture healing of indicated bones* by 38%.1,2

Your fracture shows no sign of healing following the break or you have been diagnosed as having a nonunion fracture.

EXOGEN stimulates the bone healing process, getting you back on the path to healing. EXOGEN has been clinically proven to promote healing for 86% of nonunion fractures.3

You are a smoker.

EXOGEN amplifies your body's healing power, reducing the healing delay typically caused by smoking.7

Common Factors That May Impede Your Natural Bone Healing Process:

  • Tobacco use4
  • Common arthritis medications5
  • Obesity16
  • Diabetes5
  • Infections17
  • Diet and nutrition5

Silence is the Sound of Bone Healing

The EXOGEN Bone Healing System uses safe, painless, low-intensity ultrasound waves to amplify your body’s natural bone repair processes.

  • 38% faster healing of indicated fresh fractures*1-2
  • 86% healing of nonunions (fractures not healing on their own)*3

You can’t hear it working, but EXOGEN’s effects on bone healing have been proven in more than twice the clinical trials of all other bone healing systems combined.18



accelerated healing of indicated* fresh fractures1,2


high nonunion heal rate3


high level of clinically proven treatment compliance32


of treatment fits easily into your day

The Science of Bone Healing with EXOGEN

The EXOGEN Bone Healing System uses low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) to amplify natural bone healing three ways:

1 Stimulation

EXOGEN sends ultrasound waves through skin and surrounding soft tissue to reach the site of the bone fracture.

2 Activation

The ultrasound waves activate certain cell receptors, setting off a series of reactions, referred to as a cascade.

3 Upregulation

EXOGEN ultrasound increases upregulation of the processes critical to bone repair.

Preclinical Studies Have Shown That EXOGEN Enhances Bone Healing at Every Stage13

Within minutes of a bone fracture, the body begins a process to repair the damage. Healing a fracture involves several distinct stages. EXOGEN works at the molecular level to aid in every step along the way.


EXOGEN’s ultrasound signal increases cell division in cultures of cells that make up the membrane that covers most bones (periosteal cells), and upregulates growth factors that trigger the formation of new blood vessels.22,25

Soft Callus

EXOGEN enhances transforming growth factor beta (TGF-ß), which mediates the differentiation and proliferation of chondrocytes that play a major role in forming the fracture callus.26,27

Hard Callus

EXOGEN upregulates endochondral ossification, a process that is essential to the creation of bone tissue.28,29 EXOGEN also enhances the differentiation of bone marrow stem cells into cell that form bone tissue (osteoblasts).31,32 Finally, EXOGEN enhances the incorporation of the minerals calcium and phosphate into these cells, to add structure and strength to newly formed bone tissue.25

Bone Remodeling

EXOGEN accelerates both the normal formation (remodeling) and recycling (resorption) of bone tissue, for a faster formation of the mineralized callus.31 Mineralized callus is the outer layer of bone tissue that normally forms like scar tissue at the ends of a broken bone once it has healed.31

EXOGEN Turns Your Downtime Into Healing Time

Everyone needs a little downtime. But a bone fracture may give you a lot more downtime than you want—especially when fractures take far longer to heal than usual, or don’t heal at all.

With the EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System, just 20 minutes each day of safe, painless treatment can amplify your natural bone-healing power for faster healing, and restore healing to a fracture that has failed to heal (called a nonunion).

At Home, At Your Convenience
Proper daily use is essential for EXOGEN to work. We make that easy, too.

The EXOGEN device is small, lightweight and simple to operate, with an internal usage monitor that automatically records the date, time and duration of each treatment so you can track your daily progress.

EXOGEN has been proven to work—but only if you use it each day as prescribed. That’s why the EXOGEN CONNECTS smartphone app is highly recommended to ensure your consistent daily use of EXOGEN. Easy-to-follow instructions, how-to-use videos and other free resources also help ensure a hassle-free treatment experience.

Most patients use EXOGEN while reading, watching television or right before going to bed. Over 90% of patients find it convenient and easy to use the device daily as prescribed.18


We're Here For You
Bioventus Customer Service is available to answer your questions and help you stay consistent with your EXOGEN treatment schedule.

For Bioventus Customer Service, call 1-800-836-4080.


It’s Time to Heal your Fracture: EXOGEN CONNECTS Keeps You on Track

EXOGEN CONNECTS is our free, smartphone app that automatically sends daily reminders to help you stay on track with your 20 minutes a day treatment schedule.

It’s easy to download and activate from your app store, and includes helpful tips and information to promote better healing results.

Let EXOGEN CONNECTS help you stay on the road to faster, better healing.


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