A broken bone can put your life on hold. If you have health complications, or risk factors that impede your natural bone healing ability, it may take lengthy procedures or painful surgery for your bone to heal.4-7


The EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System uses FDA-approved ultrasound technology to amplify the power of your bones to heal by—

  • accelerating your natural healing processes1-2
  • increasing your chances of proper healing1-3
  • healing fractures that fail to heal on their own (called a nonunion)3

EXOGEN is the number one prescribed bone healing system in the world,8 and is covered by most major health insurers9-12 as an indicated therapy for repairing nonunion fractures.

Discover how EXOGEN can help you get back to life sooner.

EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System Gives Your Bones a Healing Advantage13

Sit Back, Relax and
Let the Bone Healing Begin

EXOGEN makes it easy to do more than simply wait to heal. Just 20 minutes a day of safe, painless treatment can significantly accelerate your body’s natural bone healing process, and help repair fractures that have failed to heal and might otherwise require surgery.1-3


20 Minutes

of Treatment Fits
Easily Into Your Day

Fractured Patients Everywhere
Are Using EXOGEN14

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